We started using Doggie Do-Right almost 6 years ago when we got a shelter puppy, Dobby. Marchia came out to our house near Burns for a visit. She worked with both our puppy and older dog to help them adjust. We have taken all of our puppies, Dobby first and then our last puppy Olaf a St. Bernard, to her beginning classes and it has worked wonders with the last two puppies. We just got another puppy this weekend and will be taking him to her next available class!


Marchia came to our house and provided private obedience training. This was a relaxing option for our fur baby, and it was convenient for us.


Marchia has helped us so much with our puppy Polly and given us lots of valuable training lessons and tips. It is great that Marchia comes to our home and spends as much time as needed for a particular session, and at a very reasonable cost.


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.


We brought our Rosie (an English Bulldog) to Marchia's kindergarten class a few years ago. Rosie was a handful - bulldogs with no manners are little bulldozers. Marchia and her helpers were patient and knowledgeable and turned our girl into a more respectable lady. We still have Rosie's graduation photos! And even today though we haven't been so great about always continuing her training, Rosie still has the good manners and behaviors she was taught in school. Thanks Marchia.


Thank you for all your help. It all fell into place quickly! Bear knew what to do, it was I that needed to learn how to communicate what I wanted.

Other Comments

(From Anonymous Class Review Sheets)

Thank you so much for the help you have given us. We learned a lot.

Love her! Friendly, kind, positive. Other instructors we've seen bully the dogs. We appreciate Marchia's positive reinforcement.

Puppy Kindergarten with Marchia as a class instructor is a must for any new puppy. Marchia is very aware of what kind of temperament each dog has. Marchia wants you to get the most out of the class so you can have a well-mannered companion for life. I highly recommend the classes Marchia offers.

We're so glad you do what you do.